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Pay for Prevention Intervention

ProLearners, LLC is a learner-centric, research and development company whose primary product is the delivery of Wellness Programs utilizing its proprietary patents, namely Pay 4 Prevention intervention (P4Pi). P4Pi optimizes the use of health care resources at the beneficiary level, resulting in a higher quality outcome for the entire system. At the front end through re-engineering of health education, P4Pi brings to life all the benefits of wellness and health prevention through an understandable and culturally sensitive methodology. On the back end, incentivizing engaged beneficiaries produces the momentum needed to drive beyond any inertia for sustainability, reproducibility and growth. P4Pi’s creative cost recovery model self-perpetuates its funding.

In a quick, simple, safe and fun-filled modality, P4Pi can engage, activate, educate and sustain a patient-centered, self-help wellness program for you. P4P integrates the Power to Change with learning theory principles and group dynamics, moves beneficiaries from a state of inertia to “motivated”.

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, health plans, payors, hospitals, providers, patients and their families are all looking for relief from rising health care costs.  The opportunity to reap ROIs between 2-3 over 3 years is here.